March 7, 2022

Developments project Genealogy

Toegoe surnames.

Time is ticking. Week 10 has started. Until March 14, the family name BRAUNE will receive our full attention.

We learned more about the genealogy of the BACAS family name with the help of KEEKEE RIKIN and THOMAS QUIKO.  Unfortunately not enough to have the BACAS family name in the picture satisfactorily for the book Monography Toegoe family names.  KEEKEE contacts his (grand)nephews and (grand)nieces of the BACAS branch to find out more genealogical information.

Within the surname BACAS, our attention is specifically focused on the surnames BINSENDIJK, MANUSAMA and DOODOH.

Do you recognize yourself in any of these names? FILL A FAMILY SHEET AND SEND IT TO: or contact KEEKEE RIKIN or THOMAS QUIKO.

This week we focus on analyzing the family name BRAUNE.  Members of FB, descended from ancestor JOHANN GOTTLIEB BRAUN, born about 1734, from Germany and from his great-grandson in Toegoe, JOHAN CAREL BRAUNE include: Eduard J Wailan Abrahams, Sammy Abrahams, Hengky Hendrik, Marie Yovanka, Elisa Abrahams, Barnea Abrahams, Dorry Galatia, Yulindra  Purnamawati, Syella Abrahams, Audrine Keyko Piris – Latuperissa, Arnold Yoel, Christie Alexi Klokke,

Van Rotte Braune, Novi Braune, Elvira Valencia Manusama, FRANKY MANUSAMA, Andre Juan Michiels, Lisa Michiels, Saartje Margaretha Michiels, Arthur James Michiels.

Who did we forget to name?

We hope to include all of you in your ancestor’s family tree.

 Descendants of surnames TIRAJOH, TAN, ANDRIES, THENU, TENTUA, CORNELI(E)S, ABRAHAMS, BACAS. Your Family Sheets, deeds, photos, etc, are still very welcome.

In the coming weeks we will focus on the following surnames:

Week    8: Abrahams

Week.   9: Bacas

Week  10: Braune✅

Week  11: Hendriks

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